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NGOs Responding to COVID-19 and

COVID-19 Restrictions

A Report by Women Founders Collective
January 1, 2021

In July 2020, Women Founders Collective’s Board members contacted NGOs that worked with girls and young women to see how they were dealing with the pandemic and the restrictions imposed in their countries. Although much had by then been written about the ways girls and young women were suffering from the cessation of in-class education and the increase in sexual and domestic violence, we wanted to know how NGOs who serve this population saw their work.

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Women Founders Collective meets West Bengal NGOs

March 23, 2018, Kolkata, India

On March 23, 2018 Stree Shakti (Rekha Mody) hosted a meeting at ICCR Kolkata of NGOs that work with adolescent girls and young women. The objective of the meeting was to introduce representatives of these NGOs to Women Founders Collective and provide an opportunity for them to share their experiences, successes, and challenges and pave the way for collaboration and resource sharing... [see details]

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Women Founders Collective joins Jabala Action Research Organization for a state level meeting: Seeking Jobs, Managing Risks: The Rights of Girls to Mobility

March 16, 2019

This state level meeting was organized by Jabala Action Research Organization, supported by Novo Foundation and in partnership with Sanskrit College and  University and Women Founders Collective. [see details]

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Women Founders Collective asks NGOs about their activities under COVID-19, July - October 2020

In July, Women Founders Collective decided to ask NGOs that focus on adolescent girls and young women how they were faring under COVID 19 restrictions and conditions. While there have been many reports that argue the pandemic has made the lives of women even more difficult, we could find little specific information about the daily situation of NGOs who work with girls and young women. [see details]

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