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A bit of background

Women Founders Collective is a global support network for the founders of NGOs who work with adolescent girls and young women. Women founders involved with WFC create essential connections for their organizations to work together toward common goals, share knowledge, and learn from each other. At the same time, these connections will enhance, inform, and support their efforts.

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Sallie Gratch, the founder of WFC, founded the NGO Project Kesher, in 1989.  In February 2006, she organized a Founders Meeting at the Alma Mathews House in New York City that included Rabbi Phyllis Berman, Stacy Berrin, Betsy Chandler, Dr. Juliette Engel, Blu Greenberg, Rita Henley Jensen, Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Rekha Mody, Gail Reimer, Ronit Sherwin, Cora Weiss, Joan Whitacre, and Svetlana Yakimenko with Joan Roth as the photographer. Through the combined wisdom, passion and energy of these women, WFC was launched with Sallie Gratch as founding chair.

As defined by the WFC Founding Committee: Women Founders Collective is a global movement of women founders of nonprofit organizations – connecting for the purposes of learning from and supporting each other, collecting, documenting and giving voice to experiences and practices of women founders, and mentoring current and future women founders.

The WFC identified its core organizational values as personal, interpersonal and global awareness and responsibility; respectful and compassionate interaction; authenticity; equality; risk-taking; growth; and joy.

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